After having my radical prostatectomy, I had totally lost the ability to have an erection.

My urologist referred me to Robert at MES. It is a clinic dealing with erection problems. I was immediately put on a penis rehab program which not only treated my erections so I could make love, but has also helped with long term recovery.

I now only need a tablet and hopefully may not need these in the future. Robert and all the staff are very caring as well as professional. I am so very glad I was sent there.
– RB, Sydney NSW (Age 51)

I arrived at the clinic feeling very nervous and embarrassed about my problem. But within 5 minutes of consulting with Robert, my mind was at much greater ease. His explanation of my problem and the statistics about it made me realise I was not alone.

His knowledge and professionalism throughout the consult gave me the education I had not received before. After he took my medical history and lifestyle history, he and Dr. Rose prescribed the best treatment for my situation. And it works! MES is a highly professional, ethically driven clinic with a very caring staff. I recommend them to any man dealing with this problem.
– MB, Melbourne Vic (Age 71)

From the moment I rang MES, I knew I was dealing with a proper medical clinic. No one was trying to sell me anything and information was given freely. There was no pressure even to make an appointment.

After speaking with my wife, we decided to make an appointment. When I called back to do so, we were encouraged to come together. We both learned a lot and were educated about my problem and its treatment. Robert was so good at explaining about the cause and treatment for the problem.

I was given a test dose at the clinic so we could see the results of treatment while we were there. The treatment has been highly successful and after years of not having an erection, my wife and I now enjoy again what had been lost. Thank you Robert and Debi for giving this part of our life back to us.
– WL, Bendigo Vic. (Age 62)

We had given up!

After the tablets prescribed by our GP, we spent thousands of dollars with a big company promising us the world and a cure! After trying all kinds of strips, sprays, lozenges, supplements and injections with no effect , we had almost given up.

By chance a friend told me her partner had been to a medical clinic that had successfully treated the same problem. He assured me they were legit, so I took a chance and made an appointment for us both. Robert spent over an hour with us gaining information about our problem and my husband Jim’s attempts with previous treatments.

He gave Jim a test injection and to our surprise a partial erection happened for the 1st time in 5 years. Robert and Dr. Rose then worked out a dose to give my husband a full erection and spent a long time teaching us how to use it.

The first time was nerve wracking but now it is easy and I give the injection. In the early days, we had a few questions and it was great to be able to call Robert directly. After all the time struggling and spending so much money, it is fantastic to have been helped like this with affordable treatment.
– EC, Mentone Vic (Age 62)

I’m a 52-year-old man and was very embarrassed to go to the doctor with my problem. I never went to the doctor very often.

I had seen an advert for MES in the paper years ago and gave them a call. I spoke to Robert on the phone and he suggested I come and see him. He asked me lots of questions and took a blood sample and my blood pressure.

My sugar and blood pressure were both very high. He reassured me that he could treat my erections but sent me back to my GP to treat what turned out to be diabetes and high blood pressure. I have lost a lot of weight and Robert has fixed my erections. I feel great.
– RR, Bathurst NSW. (Aged 52)

I first went to MES at the age of 65 when I had erectile dysfunction due to diabetes. I have been a patient of theirs since their early days as a men’s health clinic. It’s now been for over 12 years.

As I have had to have continual treatment over those years I have gotten to know them well as they have me. It is a unique clinic in that though I am a patient, I feel like we are friends. Their caring attitude has prevailed throughout the years.

Once, when my medication didn’t seem to be working properly, I was sent a replacement of the medication immediately along with a phone call from Robert telling me to try the new medication 1st and if that didn’t work THEN to come in for retesting. As I live 2 hours by car from Melbourne, I really appreciated his testing the medication 1st and not making me drive all the way to Melbourne.

In 12 years that was the only problem I encountered and it was resolved immediately with grace and care and at no cost to me whatsoever. Because of their dedication to patient care I will always recommend them highly.
– AN, Shepparton, Vic (Aged 77)

I am a 60 year old man who had tried everything on the market for ED. How I wish I had found this clinic before spending thousands of dollars and being conned into signing a contract with a big company that exploited me with all kinds of nonworking supplements and supposed cures

I was embarrassed about my problem and it was my pride that kept me from seeing my own GP. I never even saw a doctor with this big company and everything was done by phone.

When I found MES, I not only was treated successfully for my ED, but found out my blood pressure was very high. Robert sent me straight to my family GP to get a checkup, bloods and a stress test. Turned out I needed a stent.

Thank you MES for caring about my health as well as my ED
– TJ, Townsville Nth Qld. (Aged 60)

After recovering from a radical prostectomy, I felt I was on another planet. My Urologist pointed me to his various list of female specialist nurses for post treatment as well as a session at a so-called specialist psychologist. Every visit was an expensive waste of time and waste of a lot of money.

My GP really had no idea on what the affects are on post-prostate men and his default was to prescribe Viagra or Cialis, which was a waste of time.

I was spiraling down very quickly, prepared to do anything to give me some hope to recover. It was a very disturbing and isolating feeling, even though my wife was a tower of strength in support.
By chance, I literally stumbled on Roberts practice, made an appointment and after one and only one-hour session I was literally on my way to recovery. For the thousands of men post prostate, Rob is the world’s best kept secret which has to change for all MAN kind.
– BP, Brighton Vic. (Aged 58)

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