ED Cures for Melbourne and Brisbane

The most important thing to remember is that 97% of erectile issues that we encounter at our Melbourne and Brisbane clinics can be rectified with erectile treatment. ED cures have come a long way of late; we are now able to target any of the myriad underlying reasons for the failure to achieve an erection.

The underlying causes of ED are as varied as the person suffering from it. As such, ED cures can vary considerably as well, and are targeted towards our diagnosis of what specifically necessitates your erectile treatment.

ED cures can target either an underlying physiological issue or a psychological one. Each can be just as important as the other, depending specifically on the case. This is why we insist on meeting our clients at our Melbourne or Brisbane erectile treatment clinics – the initial diagnosis is important. Among our treatments, we employ the following ED cures:

The Tablets

Easily the most recognisable ED treatment on the Melbourne and Brisbane market, the little blue Viagra pills have been joined in recent years by Cialis and Levitra. These function to increase blood flow to the affected area, on demand, when stimulated, offering a strong and natural erection. However, they cannot be used with certain medications.

Injection Therapy

Injection therapy is highly effective, producing a strong erection, which can also be tailored to the individuals needs in terms of longevity. However, many find the method of application to be distressing, so it is not as popular as others.

Psychological Counselling

Counselling as an ED cure is related to stress and ‘performance anxiety’, along with other ailments, such as depression. Dwelling on these issues can cause them to become a chronic ailment. Treatment typically involves counselling and coaching, potentially combined with pills or injections.

The Bottom Line

Utilising these three methods, we have been able to treat hundreds of patients over the last fourteen years. We know the importance of a healthy sex life, and we go to great lengths to make sure you feel comfortable at our Melbourne and Brisbane clinics. At Men’s Erectile Solutions , we can help you, with discreet and effective ED cures.

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