Case Study: After a heart attack

Richard is a 62 yr old accountant. He noticed he got breathless more easily over the year before his heart attack and had some pain in his chest. He ignored it but one day experienced a severe pain that didn’t resolve with rest and his wife Lynn called the ambulance. In the Emergency Department, He was diagnosed with a Myocardial Infarction (heart attack) and treated.

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Case Study: Prostatectomy in 56-year-old man

Peter is a 56 yr. old man who was discovered, on his routine medical, to have an enlarged irregular prostate. His GP ordered blood tests and referred him to a Urologist.

His PSA was elevated.

Biopsies were taken and he was found to have an aggressive cancer.

He was scheduled for a Prostatectomy.

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Case Study: Diabetic 64-year-old man

Jim is a 64 yr. old diabetic. He is overweight and was an ex heavy smoker.

He admitted to not caring for his diabetes in the early years with his blood sugars, when he actually tested them, in the high teens range. His diabetes was now however, well controlled with the help of his new GP.

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